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The Free Movement website will be down over the weekend while it is updated. When it comes back up, hopefully on Sunday, it will look subtly different.

We are updating the software behind the website for the first time since 2016. We’re not planning any major changes to the design, which seems to have stood the test of time. But once the new software is in place we can, for example, clean up the sidebar, change the banner across the front page and hub pages and generally move things around and change things much more easily. We’ll also install new forum software with a better notification system and slightly more modern look and feel.

Next year we’re planning a lot more live training and the new software will also enable us to apply a member’s discount to those courses, which we can’t easily do with an external service like Eventbrite (which we’re using for next week’s Palestinian refugee webinar for example).

There are likely to be a few bugs or unintended consequences to sort out once the switchover is completed. Please let us know about any problems and bear with us while we sort them out. Email us at if you spot anything that looks unintended and we’ll get onto it and check it out.

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