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Confusion reigned last week, so there is very little press coverage of the decision by the High Court in Northern Ireland that I can actually link to, but here is my brief write up in which I point out that the current Rwanda removals process is taking place without using the Illegal Migration Act, much of which is still not in force (I should also mention that I am writing this on Thursday as I am on leave next week – Colin is under orders to go in and edit this bit if it gets implemented between now and Monday).

What is potentially more interesting is the prospect of a challenge in Northern Ireland to the Safety of Rwanda Act itself

An important tool was launched last week to support care workers. It is a database of UK social care providers licensed to sponsor workers’ visas and has been designed to help care workers where they need to find another employer, for example where their current employer has lost its sponsor licence or where they quit due to exploitation. 

On Free Movement, we covered the Migration Advisory Committee’s rapid review of the Graduate route as well as the latest update in the Diego Garcia litigation. I think it is important for us to keep an eye on these proceedings for various reasons, not least because these people should not be forgotten about. This case has many of the same legal teams involved as in the Rwanda litigation and so it is likely to be a very busy few months for them all. 

I also wrote up the changes (sorry – “interpretation”) to the Rwanda scheme which now includes people who have had their asylum claims refused or withdrawn. The omission of any provision for an extension of time to comply with the very tight timescales seems likely to mean that we will see another version of this guidance soon.

Also on Rwanda, we had two articles – both essential reading – from Asylum Aid’s Alison Pickup. One on asking for extensions of time and why they are so important, and the other on the ability to make a challenge based on the risk that a person would be at real risk of refoulement in Rwanda.

For those and the rest of the week here and elsewhere, read on.

Cheers, Sonia

What we’re reading

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