Permitted paid engagement visa UK

Permitted paid engagement visa UK

If you are an expert in your profession and you have been invited to the UK for a job related to your expertise by a UK-based organization then you can apply for a permitted paid engagement visa.

The following are permitted paid engagements according to the Immigration Rules –
  • An academic who is highly qualified within his or her field of expertise may examine students and/or participate in or chair selection panels, if they have been invited by a UK Higher Education Institution or a UK based research or arts organisation as part of that institution or organization’s quality assurance processes.
  • An expert may give lectures in their subject area, if they have been invited by a UK Higher Education Institution; or a UK based research or arts organisation provided this does not amount to filling a teaching position for the host organization.
  • An overseas designated pilot examiner may assess UK based pilots to ensure they meet the national aviation regulatory requirements of other countries, if they have been invited by an approved training organisation based in the UK that is regulated by the UK Civil Aviation Authority for that purpose.
  • A qualified lawyer may provide advocacy for a court or tribunal hearing, arbitration or other forms of dispute resolution for legal proceedings within the UK, if they have been invited by a client.A professional artist, entertainer, musician or sports person may carry out an activity directly relating to their profession, if they have been invited by a creative (arts or entertainment) or sports organisation, agent or broadcaster based in the UK.


If you want to be granted permitted paid engagement visa successfully, you must meet some eligibility conditions. These eligibility conditions are the following:
  • You must be 18 or above.
  • You must be invited by a UK-based company or client.
  • You intend to come to the UK to do a specific job for a maximum of a month’s time for your client. You don’t need to be sponsored which is necessary for the jobs under the point-based visa category.
  • You will leave the UK when your visit time ends.
  • You have enough money to support yourself financially without seeking public funds.
  • You have money to pay for your return travel.
  • You should not be in transit to a country outside the UK, Ireland, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands.

If you meet the above conditions you should get permitted paid engagement visa successfully. However, you also need to submit some documents along with the visa application.

Documents required

Here is a list of documents that all applicants of permitted paid engagement visa need to submit with their application.

  • Current passport and/or other valid travel identification documents
  • A passport size photograph
  • Documents to prove financial, economic and personal circumstances in the country of your nationality/residence;
  • Full details of your travel plan and your place of stay. You are suggested not to make any payment in advance for your accommodation or travel until you are granted your visa successfully
  • An official invitation copy from a UK-based host organization who will pay you for the engagement in the UK
  • Documents to prove a direct correlation between the job for which you have been invited and your professional expertise and qualification, example a letter from your employer.
How long will the decision on your application take?

Generally, you get a decision within 15 days to 3 weeks after you apply. You can also get a quicker decision by paying more as a fee.

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